Information gathered from Ouachita Alumni Database and Ouachitonian yearbooks

NOTE: The searchable Ouachita Alumni Directory is no longer available online, so we cannot update this information at present.

Alpha Omega Eta (1953-1978) and Chi Iota Sigma (1998-2010) are defunct fraternities. The defunct Delta Omega Mu (1979-1980) had no varsity athletes.

Rho Sigma has had more varsity athletes among its members than any other Ouachita fraternity, including more football players than all of the other men's social clubs combined. Rho Sigma has also had the most athletes in baseball, basketball, wrestling, track, and cross country and ranks second in the most athletes in swimming. In Fall 2016, more than half of Rho Sigma's membership are or were varsity athletes. Represented are football and wrestling.