Red Shirt Sidewalk

Rho Sigma is the only Ouachita social club that was formed not just to benefit its members, but to benefit the college and its students. One of the earliest examples of Red Shirt campus service was the construction of Red Shirt Sidewalk, which was completed in November 1941.

At the time, there was no walkway from the campus dining hall, Daily Hall, and the old administration building, Old Main. Students had worn a path between the two buildings, making an unsightly trail that turned to a muddy mess when it rained -- which is approximately twice a week in Arkadelphia.

The Red Shirts decided to do something about this. They rounded up cement, gravel, wheelbarrows, shovels, and other equipment and materials, acquired permission from Ouachita president Dr. J.R. Grant, and went to work.

Red Shirt Sidewalk extended approximately from the present-day location of the World War II Memorial to the area in front of Evans Student Center.

Although the walkway was largely destroyed around 1953 to make way for a circular campus drive, segments of it remained into the early 1970s. The walk was a focal point of much Red Shirt activity, including pledge lineups and outdoor social events.